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Early Warning EW-3110 22 Frequency Radar Detector

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Stay safe and alert on the road with either the Early Warning EW3110 Radar/Laser Detectors.

 These compact devices will keep you aware of any approaching emergency vehicles, road hazards, trains, and school buses. Their great range ensures that you'll know about any perils on the road before it's too late to avoid them. Easy to read displays mean that you'll stay informed about the road, but not distracted from it.

 This detector's 22 frequency receivers detect all frequencies currently used as well as X, K, Ka, and Ku wavelength bands. Their Spectre I, II, III, IV and VG-2 immunities mean that police officers will not be able to detect you using either device, and their city/highway modes will allow you to avoid false alarms in densely populated areas. The automatic power off function will assure that you aren't wasting battery life when you turn off your car, and built-in memory keeps your settings handy when you power on your device.

 Add one of these fantastic radar/laser detectors to your car and keep yourself informed and protected on the road!


Condition: New
Packaging: Retail
Manufacturer: Early Warning
Model:  EW-3110

Both Detectors Feature:

  • Dual Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver that detects all 22-Frequencies now in use (11 Radar, 9 Laser, 2 Safety Alert Systems)
  • X, K, Ka, and Ku wavelength band detection
  • POP mode radar gun detection
  • 180-Degree laser protection
  • VG-2 and Spectre I, II, III, IV immunity
  • Strobing alert and safety alert
  • Smart Mute volume control
  • IntelliPower automatically shuts off Power
  • City/Highway Selector
  • Dim Mode with three brightness levels
  • Programming menu is easy to set
  • Electronic memory stays set
  • Color: black
  • EW3110 dimensions:  Approx. 2.6" width x 1.1" height x 4.1" depth

Package Includes:
EW3110 Radar detector, Suction-cup mount windshield bracket, Velcro fastener, 6.5 ft. 12V DC vehicle power adapter, Owner's manual

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